Medicine for acute illness

Safe medicine when you need it.

Even at 2 am.

Medical service from home

Eliminate the drive to the doctor and bypass the waiting room.

Chronic Medical Maintenance

Ongoing evaluation and treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and more

24/7 Online Health Coverage

Service is available 24 hours a day
Don't call in sick for the FLU

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Perfect balance of Concierge Medicine with Telemedicine.

Easily Afforable Pricing

Individual Membership

Access board-certified

doctors 24/7/365.


$20 per month


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$200 per user/year

How Our Membership Works

Step 1

Begin your Assessment

Whether you're looking for Chronic Illness Managment or Acute Illiness Treatment you can begin our Q&A from within your account dashboard.

Step 2

Video Call with a Doctor

Once you submit your Q&A a doctor will reach out to you to make a diagnosis, review your chart and prescribe any medication if necessary.

Step 3

Pickup Medication

We work with most 24 hour pharmacies so you can pick up your medicine and begin feeling better right away!

Step 4

Feel Better

Begin feeling better and our team is here to assist if you don't get better within 72 hours.

View our FAQ to learn more.

Conditions Treated

Cold & Flu symptoms

Sore Throat

Urinary tract infection

Skin Infection

Poison Ivy exposure

Contact dermatitis

Eye Infection

Ear Infection




Asthma exacerbation


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Dr. Adalbert Pilip | Pilip Online Healthcare

Our mission to exceed expectations

As a medical provider in private practice I ask each patient who I treat, how we as physicians can make the experience better for our patients. After years of constructive conversations I decided to address the most common issues that all patients face when they get sick, and decided to create Pilip Healthcare.

Dr. Adalbert Pilip
Founder of Pilip Healthcare

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