Frequently Asked Questions

  18 and over.
  Once we receive your (PHI) Personal Health Information it will take 24-72 hours to create your account and upload your information into your individual electronic medical record. 
PHI or Personal Health Information is gathered and stored inside an electronic medical record or (EMR). PHI is utilized to safely diagnose, treat and prescribe the appropriate medications. 
  The service is currently offered to anyone who resides in New York State. In the near future this service will be available to other states as well. 
No. Our service is purely supplemental and can be used as an adjunct to any current health insurance that you have.  It is recommended that you will see your primary care physician on a yearly basis for a physical exam when routine blood work can be taken. 
  Not at this time. In the future we will have a list of preferred specialists to choose from. 
Yes. Once the doctor will receive your answers, you'll receive an emailed invitation to begin a video call from your Smart Phone or Computer to review your symptoms, and prescribe the appropriate therapy. The link contained within the email will prompt you to download any software if necessary to begin our call.
Your medication will be electronically sent via EMR (electronic medical record) to the pharmacy you have provided on your PHI (personal health information). It will arrive their shortly after your conversation with the doctor. 
Chronic medical maintenance is included in your membership fee.   Acute medical evaluation and treatment will cost you a $30/copay that is collected before you can submit the question and answer survey. 
You can prepay your PayPal account with a money order and pay as needed with PayPal. 
  You always have the option to see your primary care doctor or an urgent care doctor.  If your symptoms don't improve after 72 hours please resubmit the q/a survey for a change in treatment plan. 
  24-48 hrs is a good barometer of how well you will respond to the medication. 
  It's best if you have a thermometer and a wrist blood pressure cuff which will allow us to have an accurate assessment of your medical condition. 
Yes. When you cancel your membership, your Electronic medical record will be removed, and if you decide to become a member again, it will take 24-72 hours to reprocess your membership.
No. This service is considered purely supplementary to your current health insurance.
Yes. You will save 2 months or $40, if you sign up for a full year.
Group membership is designed for employers who would like to enroll their employees to provide a better, more convenient and expeditious way of treating them. This will boost the employee’s morale and productivity as there will be less sick days taken.
An employer can prepay the membership fees, while the employees can simply pay $30 copay every time they are sick and need to use our service. Once the employer pays for the employee’s membership, each employee can register online and submit their PHI (Personal Health Information) and their EMR (Electronic Medical Record) will be created within 24-72hrs. Each employee can then add their credit card information on file so that they can use it for copays.