Individual Healthcare Membership
Individual Healthcare Membership


$20/month provides access to chronic medical management as well as the ability to be treated for acute illnesses 24/7/365

Once you become a member of Pilip Healthcare, we will obtain a detailed medical information with your allergies and medication history, as well as your pharmacy information, so that you can be treated any time you are sick without the need to leave your home, hotel room or place of employment.

$30 copay, any time you are acutely sick and need medical attention. You will have access to proprietary Q/A algorithm which will facilitate in making the diagnosis in a matter of minutes. You will also receive a phone call from a medical provider to review your answers and at that point your treatment plan will be discussed with you and sent to your pharmacy of choice. (preferable 24hr pharmacy)

How Our Membership Works

Step 1

Begin your Assessment

Whether you're looking for Chronic Illness Managment or Acute Illiness Treatment you can begin our Q&A from within your account dashboard.

Step 2

Video Call with a Doctor

Once you submit your Q&A a doctor will reach out to you to make a diagnosis, review your chart and prescribe any medication if necessary.

Step 3

Pickup Medication

We work with most 24 hour pharmacies so you can pick up your medicine and begin feeling better right away!

Step 4

Feel Better

Begin feeling better and our team is here to assist if you don't get better within 72 hours.

View our FAQ to learn more.